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Keep truckers from driving while distracted

When Louisiana truck drivers hit the road, it is important for them to be safe drivers. With long hours on the road and more technology in a truck cab, though, it may sometimes be difficult for truckers to keep their full attention on the road. Distracted driving can be dangerous and truckers need to know how they can be safe behind the wheel.

Some truck drivers may not think twice about using handheld devices on the road. Fleet Owner magazine says that when truckers get an email from their company, 45 percent think they need to read the email immediately. Many truck drivers also think it is all right for them to use their cellphones behind the wheel.

This may be alarming to some drivers when they realize that a truck driver might have more technology than ever in a truck cab. According to Fleet Owner magazine, some companies might use tablets in the cab to help with driver coaching and navigation. However, all of this technology might distract a trucker. Distracted driving can be dangerous for truck drivers and in 2016, distracted driving caused the deaths of over 3,000 people. However, technology is not the only thing that might distract a truck driver. Drinking and eating can cause a trucker to take his or her eyes off the road, as well as changing the radio station or programming the GPS. 

To make sure they are not distracted, it is a good idea for truck drivers to program their GPS before they get on the road. Additionally, they may want to turn off electronic devices which they know they will not use on the road. Additionally, some drivers may want to take breaks periodically. This can help them make sure they are not tired on the road and these breaks can also give drivers an opportunity to check their electronic devices. Some truck drivers may be less likely to check their devices on the road if they know they will take a break soon. 

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