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More medications recalled because of possible contaminants

When Louisiana residents take medications, they trust their doctor to prescribe a medicine which will improve their condition. Sometimes, however, there are problems with medications and in this situation, a company might choose to recall the drug.

Several pharmaceutical companies have recalled medications since the summer. The recalled drugs are heart failure and blood pressure medicines. On February 28, a pharmaceutical company added more medicines to the list of recalled drugs. All the recalled medications have an ingredient called losartan. Companies chose to recall the drugs because they include a compound which the drug manufacturers think may be a carcinogen. A university researcher who specializes in healthcare has said that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration typically requires drug manufacturers to report any contaminants they find in a medicine which might harm patients. However, sometimes pharmaceutical companies do not realize these potentially harmful compounds are in a medication until after patients have begun taking the drug.

The FDA has examined the recalled medications and the department does not think that individual patients are at risk from the drugs. However, the FDA is continuing to study the medicines to make sure they do not contain any other impurities. Authorities say that this recall has proved challenging for pharmacies because after they dispense medications, they do not always have the lot numbers. This means it is difficult for pharmacies to know which of their patients take the recalled drugs. 

When patients realize their medication is on a list of recalled prescriptions, it is a good idea for them to speak to their physician to make sure they will be safe. Additionally, some people may want to contact an attorney to fully understand all of their options. 

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