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Why do some parents refuse vaccinations?

You have probably heard a lot about the anti-vaccination movement. It is a real issue in Louisiana and across the United States. The main problem is some parents refuse to have their children vaccinated, which leaves them vulnerable to catching and carrying diseases that have long ago been thought to be eradicated thanks to vaccines. There are many reasons why parents may forego vaccinating their child.

The National Institutes of Health explain there are four main reasons for vaccination refusal. Religious objection has been a long-standing reason. Some religions forbid medical intervention or interference, which includes not getting vaccinations. This is a rather small group of individuals and did not pose much of a risk to the general population.

The other three categories, though, are growing and causing a reason for concern because of the number of people using these reasons to object to vaccinations. These three categories are safety concerns, personal beliefs and a need for more medical information. These three groups object because they feel vaccines are not safe or that they are not being told the full truth about what is in the vaccinations or what side effects they may cause.

When children do not get vaccinations, it increases the likelihood they will get the diseases that the vaccines could have prevented. If they do get the diseases, it could cause serious health issues. The other concern is they may carry the disease and pass it to those who are no longer immune or who cannot get vaccinations for health reasons.

It is important that parents seriously weigh the risks of not getting vaccinated against the risks of getting vaccinated before making a final decision. This information is for education and is note legal advice.

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