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Were you involved in a crash because of road flaws?

As a resident of Louisiana who has been involved in a crash, you know exactly how damaging these incidents can be. They can be particularly hard to handle when they’re single-car crashes where faults with the road are the cause. MGM Attorneys are here to help you in your quest for compensation.

When you think about single-car crashes, you may not realize just how many factors can be completely outside of the driver’s control. For example, roadway conditions are a big issue. This includes not only the state of the road and surrounding area itself, but also the roadway markings or signage. Have you ever driven down a road where the paint is so faded that you can no longer tell where lane divisions are? What about a road riddled with potholes? Both of these can easily contribute to damaging crashes.

The set-up of roads can be a problem, too. For example, almost every driver knows at least one dangerous intersection in their daily drives. Because of the way a road or crossing is set up, visuals may not be the best. There may be blind spots, and drivers may end up going without realizing that they are not in a safe position to do so. These and other similar issues are not the driver’s fault.

Have you been involved in a single-car crash due to roadway defects or other factors outside of your control? Then take a look at our web page on car crashes and single-car incidents, linked here. You can contact our attorneys as well for more information.

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