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What are common examples of distracted driving?

Louisiana residents like you have likely heard of the many ongoing campaigns that intend to bring an end to texting while driving. This is indeed a very serious problem. However, it isn’t the only way distracted driving can potentially cause harm.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention takes a look at the three different categories that distracted driving behaviors can fall into. They are manual, cognitive, and visual distractions. In other words, distracted driving is anything that takes your eyes off the road, your hands away from the wheel, or your mind off of driving.

Accordingly, a lot of typically common driving behaviors could actually be considered distracted driving and are therefore potentially dangerous. This may include things like:

  • Talking to friends
  • Changing your music
  • Checking directions
  • Drinking or eating

You may know of people who do these things, or you might even do them yourself. In fact, many of these behaviors are typically considered common. Because of this, the fact that they’re dangerous often gets lost on drivers.

Other distracted driving behaviors are more overtly dangerous. This may include actions like turning around to talk to a passenger in the back seat, looking at emails or browsing the internet, and leaning down to pick up something that was dropped on the car floor.

All of these behaviors could contribute to a crash, and unfortunately for you and all other drivers on the road, many of them are quite common. Expanding one’s knowledge on dangerous driving behaviors can begin to curb some of these dangerous activities.

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