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Drugged driver hits, kills elderly man

People in Louisiana and throughout the South may well be known for their love of celebrations but they are also known for their devotion to their friends and families and their desire to keep their loved ones safe. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and can be made even harder when some people refuse to act responsibly. Despite widespread awareness, many drivers continue to get behind the wheel of a vehicle even when they are taking medications that would make them incapable of driving safely.

An example of this can be seen in the recent tragic death of a man who was 70 years old. According to a report by Fox10TV, the man was riding his three-wheeled vehicle along a stretch of Interstate 10 near Daphne, Alabama on a Wednesday afternoon when he was suddenly struck by a truck from behind. The impact threw the man from the bike and the road, killing him in the process.

Another driver reportedly contacted authorities just before the accident to alert them of an unsafe driver in a truck. The woman driving the truck was 24 years old and under the influence of prescription painkillers. It is not known if the woman had been told she should not drive while taking the medication or if she was using the medication properly.

The impaired driver now faces multiple criminal charges including driving under the influence of a controlled substance and manslaughter. No details are yet known about any potential civil action that may be initiated on the part of the man’s family.




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