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The impact hospital overcrowding has on patients

Louisiana residents rely on hospitals to provide the care necessary to continue living a healthy and rewarding life. Unfortunately, hospital systems across the country are having major issues with overcrowding. Today, we will take a look at this problem and how it can affect individuals seeking care.

The National Institutes of Health takes a close look at issues related to hospital overcrowding, a phenomenon in which there are too many patients per hospital. This leaves staff stretched thin and oftentimes very overworked. Overworked staff is one of the main reasons behind medical mistakes, as exhaustion can contribute to a lack of attention or concentration. Patients can be mixed up, handwriting may be too sloppy to read, and the wrong medications can be given to the wrong people. Additionally, if there are signs of brewing complications, they may be missed if the staff is overworked.

Meanwhile, The Nation’s Health examines the lack of action being taken to address overcrowding, specifically overcrowding in emergency rooms. These areas face a unique health risk. The more people there are in one place, the higher the chances are of infectious disease spreading faster. Because people in the hospital are usually more susceptible to illness in general, diseases can tear through entire hospitals quickly. People in the emergency room are especially at risk due to their weakened physical state and are more prone to catching severe or even deadly diseases.

These issues can pose potentially harmful or even lethal repercussions for patients. Because of this, understanding overcrowding is crucial for understanding hospital safety on a whole, along with all of the related risks.

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