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What are the dangers of nosocomial pneumonia?

Every day across Louisiana, sick or injured people like you end up admitted to hospitals. Unfortunately, those who go to hospitals are more likely to catch illnesses hanging around the area, especially if your immune system is already compromised. One of these potential bugs is nosocomial pneumonia.

Also known as hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP), Medscape defines nosocomial pneumonia as a lower respiratory infection that appears two or more days after you are hospitalized. The disease itself must not have already been incubating at the time of your admission. If symptoms begin to appear before two days, then it’s considered to be community-acquired pneumonia instead.

Surgical or medical intensive care units are where this bacteria is most frequently found, though it’s a common bacteria in hospitals wherever you go. Leukocytosis and fever are symptoms of HAP, along with shortness of breath and quickened breathing. 

There are many risks involved with HAP. Due to your immune system likely being compromised, it will be harder for your body to recover. This can cause complications and may make the illness linger for an unusually long time. It can make you susceptible to other bugs in the hospital, as well. Financially, HAP also causes problems. Many people who contract it end up staying in the hospital much longer than planned, leading to increased medical costs.

Have you acquired pneumonia while in the hospital? Do you think it could have been prevented? You may want to contact a lawyer to see if you have a potential medical malpractice case.

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