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Drunk driver’s original conviction to stand

People who live in Louisiana know that their state is famous in part for its alleged joy of celebrations, many of which often include the consumption of alcohol. That, however, does not negate Louisianans love and devotion for their friends and family members and their respect for safety. When an intoxicated person chooses to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they should be held accountable for that decision and any actions that result from it.

In the spring of 2011, two women and three young boys were all killed in a horrific and fiery accident caused at least in part by the actions of a drunk driver. According to a report by The Advocate, a man who was later found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.10% was driving a truck along a stretch of Interstate 10 and engaging in a bit of a cat-and-mouse game with a driver in a sport utility vehicle. In his attempt to pass the SUV on the shoulder, he collided with it which pushed him into another vehicle carrying the women and children. 

Vehicular homicide is the charge used when a person is killed by criminal negligence and in which alcohol is a factor. Negligent homicide involves death due to criminal negligence but no involvement of alcohol. The man driving the truck was originally convicted of five counts of vehicular homicide. During appeals, that was eventually reduced to negligent homicide.

Recently, however, the state Supreme Court upheld the original verdict of vehicular homicide on all five counts.


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