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Pedestrian killed in Louisiana truck crash

Fifteen percent of fatalities in truck accidents are pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists. The odds of survival in a crash favor the driver of a semi-truck due to the superior size and mass of the vehicle. The pattern continues to hold true after a collision that took place in Louisiana last week between a semi-truck and a pedestrian. The driver sustained no injuries, in part due to proper restraints. However, the pedestrian died at the scene from injuries sustained in the crash. 

The accident occurred early Friday morning on LA Highway 16 in Livingston Parish. Investigators have determined that initially, the 47-year-old male pedestrian had been riding a bicycle in the northbound lane. He left the bicycle along the shoulder of the road and continued on foot in the northbound lane for reasons that are still unclear. The area in which the 64-year-old truck driver crashed into the pedestrian has no street lights. Authorities observe that the pedestrian was wearing dark clothing at the time. 

The driver showed no signs of impairment according to an assessment by law enforcement. He did provide a breath sample for chemical blood testing, but authorities have not released specific results. An autopsy and toxicology report on the pedestrian is still pending. Authorities have not indicated whether they intend to bring criminal charges against the truck driver. At this time, the crash remains under investigation. 

The effects of a truck accident can be catastrophic. Those suffering as a result of such a collision may find it helpful to contact an attorney. 

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