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Why should you pursue a delayed back injury from a car crash?

Several months or even a year or more ago, you got into a serious car wreck. At the time, maybe you saw a doctor and got treated for minor symptoms. Maybe you didn’t think you were injured at all and never even saw a doctor.

As a result, you settled your claims for property damage quickly with the person who caused the crash and went on with your life. Your car got fixed, and you forgot about the accident for the most part. Then, you started developing painful symptoms. Your doctor, after examining you, let you know that it was most likely a traumatic injury from your crash.

It is possible for a car crash to injure your back in such a way that you won’t have symptoms right after the accident. Instead, another event, such as lifting something heavy or turning suddenly will prompt an intense physical reaction including pain. You might think that you don’t have any options in that situation, but you’d be wrong. You can pursue civil action against either the driver or, in some cases, the insurance company involved. There are two very good reasons for doing so.

Back surgeries are expensive

Even if you have good health insurance, you could end up paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for a back injury surgery. They can cost as much as $50,000 for a simple slipped disc repair surgery. The more complex the injury, the more expensive the repair surgery will become. You will also have several days, but more likely weeks, of missed wages, as well as physical therapy after the surgery.

You shouldn’t have to absorb the costs associated with that surgery and your recovery, especially because your health insurance company may not cover it if they know it’s the result of a car crash. In that scenario, you will have to either take action to get compensation for it or risk the financial liability that comes from a surgery that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The person responsible for the crash should cover the cost of the damage

When someone else causes a car wreck involving your vehicle, it has a drastic impact on your life. From the frustration involved with filing an insurance claim and getting your car repaired to the pain you experience as your injury worsens, the consequences you bear can impact your quality of life and happiness.

People who get hurt by the bad driving of others shouldn’t have to also absorb the financial consequences of their accident. Seeking compensation to cover your injuries and lost wages after a delayed onset back injury from a car crash not only protects your finances but holds the other person accountable for the injury that they ultimately caused.

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