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Automobile safety features lag in adoption, rollout

Many people in Louisiana may remember a time when wearing seat belts was not commonly done when riding in vehicles. Today, the inclusion and use of seat belts is common and considered a basic element of protecting people in cars, trucks and other vehicles. However, the United States took a whopping 10 years from the time these restraints were first introduced until they were built into all vehicles.

According to a report by Auto World News, between 1960 and 2019, seat belt restraints are said to have prevented the deaths of more than 300,000 people nationwide. They have also minimized the severity of injuries sustained by others. Over the decades, vehicle safety features have continued to evolve yet the nation’s automobile manufacturers continue to appear slow in their willingness to include them as standard features in all new vehicles.

Out of all new 2019 vehicles sold so far, only 44% include any features that would be identified as advanced safety features. Most of these features are instead reserved as options that people can add if they wish to pay additional costs. This reality raises concerns that it is not safety about which companies are concerned but about profits. Safety, it seems, has become a luxury reserved only for the wealthy, something that is quite contrary to what it should be.

More emphasis is encouraged on the importance of pushing auto manufacturers to include safety elements in vehicles for the right reasons rather than holding these vital features back in the hopes of garnering a few more dollars in revenue or profits.





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