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Driver in ICE custody after hitting, killing seven bikers

Most people in Louisiana assume that someone who holds a commercial driver’s license is held to a high standard for safety and that their driving record is carefully monitored and reviewed. Unfortunately, it seems that there are several loopholes that allow a negligent person to continue to drive commercially. An example can be seen in a case involving the recent death of seven motorcyclists at one time. 

The incident occurred in New Hampshire and involved a truck being operated by a 23-year-old man from Massachusetts. USA Today explains that he worked for a hauling company and was on duty at the time that he drove into the group of bikers, killing seven and injuring others. The man is from Eastern Europe but does have legal permanent resident status in the United States.

Since the accident, it has been discovered that from the time he was first licensed to drive in 2012, he has had a string of vehicular and drug-related violations across seven different states including Texas, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts and more. It is alleged that Connecticut did not notify the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles about a failed field sobriety test this year. Such notification would have seen the Massachusetts RMV revoke the man’s license.

The man has been taken into custody by immigration officials as he has been charged with felonies in connection with the deaths of the motorcyclists. It is not known what impact this may have on the surviving family members’ ability to seek civil compensation in the matter.





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