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Louisiana DWI conviction rate far below national average

People who live in Louisiana know that the problems associated with drinking and driving continue to plague area roads and highways. Drivers who refuse to put away their keys if they choose to consume alcohol contribute to an unnecessary loss of life and inflict injuries and pain on innocent people simply out of their own selfishness and negligence. Unfortunately, it seems that the state has room to improve when it comes to cracking down on these drunk drivers.

The recently reported on data provided by Mothers Against Drunk Driving that shows the conviction rate for drunk driving offenses in Louisiana is woefully below the national average. Across the United States, 61% of people charged with driving while intoxicated offenses are convicted of their crimes. In Louisiana, that number is a mere 37%. 

Among the drivers who were not convicted, one percent were found not guilty. Another 35% participated in a diversion program that allowed them to avoid a conviction and have the DWI  removed from their record after completing certain requirements. Some of the drivers had their cases altered or dismissed altogether.

Data was collected by MADD monitors who are placed in courtrooms around the state to keep updated on how laws are being implemented and upheld. The monitors for this report were in 16 parishes and are rotated every year to provide a full view of the state. It was also found that 34% of the drivers charged with a DWI had a blood alcohol level over 0.15%, nearly twice the legal limit for intoxication.



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