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States continue lawsuits regarding opioids

People who live in Louisiana have no doubt become aware of the tragic state of the opioid epidemic facing the United States today. This situation is horrible in many respects, including the fact that it may well have been preventable and the fact that pharmaceutical manufacturers consciously contributed to it. More and more states today are taking legal action against companies and even individuals for their roles in this problem. 

Becker’s Hospital Review shows that Mississippi was one of the first states to file a lawsuit against the maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, back in December of 2015. Louisiana filed a suit in the fall of 2017. CBS News interviewed one of the men leading the fight for justice against drug companies and note that he played significant roles in reaching settlements with tobacco companies and a major oil company after a spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

It is reported that there is evidence that Purdue Pharma out-and-out lied to physicians by indicating a person using their drug had a less than one percent chance of becoming addicted to it. The prosecutors in the matter are not stopping at targeting drug makers only but are expanding to focus efforts on distributors who they say also had knowledge of the breadth and severity of the situation.

Some evidence is reportedly available to show that drug companies and distributors directly targeted certain areas of the country as places to get massive quantities of their addictive drugs into. People who have been impacted by the drug epidemic may want to talk with an attorney to see how they may seek compensation.



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