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You have rights when a car wreck kills your parent or spouse

Certain family relationships are so close that your life becomes irrevocably intertwined with that of the other party. The relationship between parent and child is often this intense and important. The same is true for the relationship between spouses in many marriages. There may be a financial and social dependence of one party on the other.

That interdependence means that when a sudden accident, like a motor vehicle collision, claims the life of a parent or spouse, the people dependent on that individual may find themselves in a very difficult position. Not only do they have to deal with the grief that comes from losing a loved one, but they also have to deal with the financial realities of a death.

The many ways a fatal crash impacts your daily life

A fatal car crash can completely change the course of your life. First of all, there will be the psychological and emotional adjustment that comes from losing someone on whom you depend and with whom you have an intense and long-standing bond. That alone could be incredibly difficult. However, the death of a parent or spouse can also have a financial impact on your life, as chances are good that you receive some degree of financial support if you are still a dependent.

You will have to deal with the loss of their income, as well as the expenses related to the fatal crash. Car crashes in Louisiana can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Repairing or replacing the vehicle will probably be expensive. Then, there are the medical bills incurred by your loved one before they died. Even if they have a life insurance policy, you will probably need to pay at least some money out of pocket to cover the costs of medical care and a funeral for your loved one.

In a broader sense, your household will also have to absorb the costs associated with the work around the house your deceased loved one used to perform. Whether they mowed the lawn or cared for the kids, those services will either require a significant amount of your time to perform or a substantial amount of money to hire someone else to handle for you.

Louisiana law lets dependents bring wrongful death suits

While it may be a cold comfort in the face of a tragic loss, there is some degree of justice in the ability of those who lose a loved one to hold the other driver accountable for the crash they caused. As long as either negligence, which could involve anything from improper maintenance to texting at the wheel, or a wrongful act on the part of the other driver played a role in the crash, you may be able to bring a claim against them in court.

Louisiana typically limits this right only to dependents, although extended family may receive the same rights if there are no dependent family members. Talking with a Louisiana personal injury attorney after a fatal car crash can be the first step toward minimizing the long-term impact of that loss on your family.

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