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How your attorney can make life easier after a tragic loss

After the unexpected loss of a loved one in a car crash, dealing with an attorney could feel like just one more task. In a daily workload that is likely overwhelming with demands ranging from planning a funeral to adjusting to a completely new budget, adding one more thing can seem like too much.

Trying to make sense of the law and your rights to compensation will be much more difficult than working with someone who already knows them. An attorney isn’t a burden after a loss. They are a resource who can do some of the more time-consuming tasks associated with protecting your family and asserting your rights under Louisiana law.

Your attorney knows how to handle claims and legal filings

Whether you need to submit paperwork for life insurance or document medical care for car insurance claims, learning to do that kind of paperwork is stressful. Personal injury attorneys already understand how to navigate the courts and handle the paperwork associated with a fatal accident.

You don’t have to worry about handling all that red tape because the lawyer will do it on your behalf. Instead of trying to focus on the tiny writing on the insurance claims form, you can focus on grieving while someone else handles the paperwork for you.

Your lawyer is going to push for the best possible outcome

When you feel emotionally overwhelmed, you may be more likely to give up than you would typically. Times of high stress, such as the loss of a loved one can alter our ability to continue fighting, which is also known as resilience.

If you have suffered a major loss, your resilience may not be at a point where you can bounce back from small problems. Many people tend to retreat socially and emotionally after a loss, which can mean failing to take adequate action on their own behalf. Your attorney is going to remind you of your rights and make sure that you make decisions based on what is best for your family in the long run, not just your emotional state at this moment.

Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf

Negotiation is a complex skill. People can practice for weeks before they develop any kind of negotiating ability. You shouldn’t have to spend your time trying to master the art of persuasion while dealing with a loss as well.

Hiring a lawyer means that you have someone with the legal authority to negotiate on your behalf. An attorney with experience in Louisiana wrongful death and personal injury law will have an idea of what is reasonable. If an insurance company is trying to offer you a low settlement, your lawyer will know and have the ability to push back and protect you.

Thinking of an attorney as an advocate and legal protector is a great way to adjust your perspective and see the value in someone fighting for your family while you adjust to reality without someone you love.

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