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Trucker killed when hit by another semi-truck

People in Louisiana are taught that the shoulder area along a freeway is supposed to be the safe place for them to stop if their vehicle breaks down or after they have been involved in an accident. While the shoulder might be a safer place to stop than in the middle of a traffic lane, it is far from truly safe, especially when on a busy freeway with vehicles of all sizes commonly travelling at high speeds.

An example of just how dangerous the shoulder of a freeway can be seen in a recent that happened in Iberville Parish. According to a report by The Advocate, the driver of a semi-truck had been involved in some type of accident and therefore had pulled his truck over to the shoulder. He proceeded to get out of his rig to examine it.

As the trucker was checking his vehicle, another trucker driving a Freightliner tractor-trailer ran into the back of a third semi-truck. The impact of the rear-end collision sent the truck into the shoulder area. The man outside his truck was hit and killed by this. It is not known if he died immediately or at a hospital.

None of the drivers involved have been charged with any crimes or cited as of yet but that may change based upon what the results of the investigation show. Preliminary information does not suggest that drugs or alcohol were involved but there is still an outstanding question about what led the Freightliner driver to rear-end the other truck.



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