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September 2019 Archives

Drunk driver kills one, hits house

Despite the fact that Louisiana residents are known in part for their love of festive celebrations, people who live in the South are also known to love their family and friends. Part of revering the people close to a person involves making wise and responsible decisions. This includes the decision to not drink if a person is going to drive, or to select to use a rideshare or other means of transportation if they wish to consume alcohol at a given event. 

Civil and criminal activities related to opioid companies

Most people in Louisiana have heard reports about the tragic epidemic related to opioid addiction and abuse that the country has been facing in the recent years. Many people may well have even known a person who has become addicted to these drugs after being prescribed their use by a medical professional. The pain and suffering that numerous families have endured due to the actions of the drug companies is endless. 

Understanding Louisiana's medical malpractice award cap

It can be extremely difficult and frustrating to suffer a debilitating injury at the hands of a physician whom you trusted to care for you. We at the office of MGM Attorneys believe that you deserve compensation for the sometimes life-altering negative effects of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, even if a jury agrees and awards you significant damages in a medical malpractice case, Louisiana state law may prevent you from collecting all that you deserve. 

Louisiana malpractice cap may not apply to $10 million award

A doctor's mistake allegedly crippled the dominant arm of a 2-year-old boy in Louisiana 17 years ago, preventing him from pursuing his dream of joining the military. A jury recently heard the now 19-year-old's case and awarded him $10 million in damages. Ordinarily, a state-mandated cap on medical malpractice awards would automatically reduce the award amount to $500,000. Ironically, however, another alleged oversight by the physician may mean that the young man can receive the entire $10 million award amount. 

Potential changes to truckers' Hours of Service rule

Truck driver fatigue has long been acknowledged as a problem and a potential safety hazard for truckers and other motorists in Louisiana. A few years ago, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration developed its Hours of Service rule that identified a set of guidelines governing when truckers could drive, how long they could drive at a single time, when they must take breaks and more. That rule has created a lot of contention between the FMCSA and trucking professionals. Now, there is a proposal to amend the rule.

New study sheds light on surgical mistakes

People in Louisiana who might need to have surgical procedures or who have family members in need of operations might understandably be a bit concerned about these events. There can be many risks associated with surgeries and families should be able to trust that such risks are minimized, in large part due to the oversight and care of the professionals involved. However, there are times when the professionals themselves introduce the risks to the patients.

Does the weed killer Roundup cause cancer in those exposed to it?

Some people will jokingly claim that just about everything causes cancer. While it is true that cancer-causing chemicals, also called carcinogens, exist in many aspects of our lives and some are endemic to our environment, that doesn't mean that people shouldn't take action if they become ill due to exposure to a dangerous chemical in their environment.

How is tardive dyskinesia diagnosed?

Taking certain medications in Louisiana to treat digestive conditions and/or psychosis could put you at risk of developing a disorder of the nervous system called tardive dyskinesia. This condition causes uncontrolled, repetitive movements. Effective treatment of tardive dyskinesia requires swift diagnosis. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, diagnosis of tardive dyskinesia involves assessing the timing of your symptoms relative to your use of the medication and ruling out other conditions that could produce similar symptoms. 

What are the symptoms of tardive dyskinesia?

A number of medications that you may be taking in Louisiana may produce a side effect of drug-induced movement disorders. One of these is tardive dyskinesia. It is different from similar conditions in that most other drug-induced movement disorders manifest quickly and resolve themselves once you stop taking the medication. Tardive dyskinesia is different because the symptoms do not always show up right away. In fact, they may not occur until after you stop taking the medication. That is where the term "tardive" comes from; it derives from a Latin word meaning late or delayed. 

6-vehicle crash kills Louisiana motorcyclist

Authorities suspect impairment in a six-vehicle crash that occurred approximately a week ago in Concordia Parish, Louisiana. The crash involved two cars and four motorcycles. One of the motorcyclists, a 22-year-old man, lost his life. The crash is still under investigation, and charges against one of the drivers are pending as law enforcement awaits the results of routine toxicology tests. 

What are the rules of motorcycle group rides?

As a motorcyclist in Louisiana, you may find that your experience is even more fun when you travel with other riders. However, there are additional safety risks involved in motorcycling with a group. When you do not follow the rules of motorcycle group rides, chaos can result, and chaos on the road is always dangerous.

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