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6-vehicle crash kills Louisiana motorcyclist

Authorities suspect impairment in a six-vehicle crash that occurred approximately a week ago in Concordia Parish, Louisiana. The crash involved two cars and four motorcycles. One of the motorcyclists, a 22-year-old man, lost his life. The crash is still under investigation, and charges against one of the drivers are pending as law enforcement awaits the results of routine toxicology tests. 

The accident occurred on U.S. Highway 84 in the early morning hours last Sunday. Four motorcycles were traveling two by two in close proximity to one another in the eastbound lane. However, it is unclear whether they were traveling together as a group. A collision resulted when a westbound vehicle struck two of the motorcycles after crossing the center line.

The two motorcycles that were following then collided with one another. The riders were unable to keep their seats after the motorcycles overturned onto the roadway. One of the two was the 22-year-old man who died after an eastbound vehicle that had been following the motorcycles struck him. 

It is unclear whether the deceased motorcyclist went to the hospital or died at the scene. Five additional injuries required transportation to the hospital. Among the injured was the driver of the westbound vehicle that crossed the center line. Authorities report that she was wearing a seatbelt and her injuries were moderate. No specific information is available as to the driver of the other car, nor the other three motorcyclists. 

Motorists injured in an accident involving a drunk driver may be able to recover damages. Those who wish to seek legal action may find contacting an attorney to be a useful first step. 

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