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Does the weed killer Roundup cause cancer in those exposed to it?

Some people will jokingly claim that just about everything causes cancer. While it is true that cancer-causing chemicals, also called carcinogens, exist in many aspects of our lives and some are endemic to our environment, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t take action if they become ill due to exposure to a dangerous chemical in their environment.

The herbicide or weed killer known as Roundup has been a very popular gardening tool for individual homeowners as well as for lawn care professionals and even commercial farmers. People will use it to clear unwanted plants. Farmers will purchase Roundup-ready crops they can spray with the herbicide without killing them.

Unfortunately for those who live in close proximity to treated property or those who have to administer the spray themselves, glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, has a potential association with serious cancers, including Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Those who regularly used the spray or encountered it frequently could be at increased risk for this potentially deadly cancer.

The makers of Roundup claim it is safe, but independent research indicates otherwise

Like with many new products, Roundup represents a major investment by the company who created it. Monsanto, the company that holds the patent for Roundup, funded much of the research that established the product’s safety.

Unfortunately, the scientists involved in this research had a financial incentive to align the results with the expected outcome of the company paying for the research. The product went up for sale without any in-depth long-term analysis of health effects, and it now seems that the compound is more dangerous than people thought.

Independent analysis of exposure and cancer rates has indicated that there could be a correlation between routine Roundup exposure and the development of certain cancers. The correlation between chemical exposure and the cancer is strong enough that there have been multimillion-dollar awards made already against Monsanto for Roundup, and there are many more pending lawsuits related to this issue.

Environmental or professional exposure could increase your cancer risk

Individuals who believe they experienced high levels of Roundup exposure in years or decades past who now face a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma may find themselves wondering if the herbicide played a role in their cancer’s development.

Whether you lived in close proximity to a cornfield routinely sprayed with Roundup or worked in a professional setting where you had to spray or administer the product, it is possible of that there is a connection between the chemical exposure to this potential carcinogen and your current medical situation. Sitting down with an experienced product liability and environmental exposure Louisiana attorney could help you explore whether compensation is an option in your case.

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