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Drunk driver kills one, hits house

Despite the fact that Louisiana residents are known in part for their love of festive celebrations, people who live in the South are also known to love their family and friends. Part of revering the people close to a person involves making wise and responsible decisions. This includes the decision to not drink if a person is going to drive, or to select to use a rideshare or other means of transportation if they wish to consume alcohol at a given event. 

Sadly, too many people still choose to drink too much and then attempt to drive a vehicle. This choice puts the drunk driver, any passengers, other motorists and more in harm’s way for no good reason whatsoever.

Some people are concerned that the people who make this reckless choice do not always experience strong enough consequences. reported recently on a case in which such a drunken driver is now facing serious criminal charges after his actions claimed the life of the passenger in his vehicle. The incident took place in the spring of 2019 but the man is today in custody and has a bond set at $200,000 for a vehicular homicide charge.

The alleged drunk driver was said to be driving at a speed more than three times the posted limit when his vehicle hit railroad tracks and went into the air. After travelling an estimated 60 feet in the air, the vehicle came back to the ground and then ran into a home, where it stopped. The passenger died on the way to the hospital.



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