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New study sheds light on surgical mistakes

People in Louisiana who might need to have surgical procedures or who have family members in need of operations might understandably be a bit concerned about these events. There can be many risks associated with surgeries and families should be able to trust that such risks are minimized, in large part due to the oversight and care of the professionals involved. However, there are times when the professionals themselves introduce the risks to the patients.

Surgical errors can and do happen. In some cases, a mistake may not result in any harm to the patient. But, there can be times when a patient experiences significant harm due to a surgical error. Some patients have even died because of a mistake in the surgical process. Becker’s Hospital Review recently provided a report detailing some insights from a study that reviewed the causes of surgical mistakes.

When evaluating the causes of mistakes that resulted in what are called adverse events, it was found that more than 50% involved some type of mistake by a human. The study noted 106 out of 188 adverse events associated with serious harm or death were caused by human error.

The errors most frequently noted included an insufficient level of attention being paid to the patient or the procedure, cognitive bias or other cognitive issues. These findings have some groups now calling for training to be developed and deployed focusing on these factors. It has been asserted that improved training on matters like communication in the operating room has improved patient safety.




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