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October 2019 Archives

Intermodal container securement guidelines help prevent accidents

Truckers have to ensure the cargo they carry is properly secured. Some loads might pose challenges, but it is imperative that nothing is allowed to slide, flip or move too much because unstable loads can lead to innocent people suffering injuries or death.

Victims can play a role in helping reduce drunk driving accidents

We hear about it all the time. A completely avoidable drunk driving accident has killed or severely injured yet another Louisiana victim. In the digital age, we all have fast access to accident reports and information about alcohol's effect on the body. So, why do people continue to drive while drunk?

Does agreed postponement of Roundup case signal a settlement?

Bayer AG has so far lost three court cases in the U.S. brought by plaintiffs who claim that its popular weed killer Roundup causes cancer. The German company has appealed the court decisions, and continues to assert that the product is safe for people to use. However, it's currently facing over 18,000 legal claims.

How does trucker fatigue affect road safety?

On the roads in Louisiana, many different drivers can be found. When you're sharing the road with all manner of vehicles and people, it can be important to understand the risks you face. We at MGM Attorneys are here to discuss one risk in specific: the risk of truck drivers being fatigued.

Complicated grief after a spouse passes away

When a spouse passes away, especially if the death is sudden and unexpected -- such as a car accident -- it can impact you drastically and irreversibly. No one knows exactly how this is going to hit them until it happens. Remember that any reaction is fine; we all deal with it in different ways. Do not put expectations on yourself. Take the time to sort through your emotions with the support of friends and family.

Driving risk factors to talk about with your teen driver

For the average teenager or young adult, getting their license and the keys to a car is a rite of passage and a source of social freedom. For the parents of the teen driver, however, that newfound freedom is a source of anxiety. After all, motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of death for young adults in the United States.

Plans in place to put barricades at site of Louisiana truck crash

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development recognizes the potential of cable fences to prevent injuries and fatalities in road accidents. Unfortunately, however, there is not enough money to place them all across the state. Therefore, the department uses data on crashes and traffic volume to decide where to place the barricades. 

Generic ranitidine pulled from retailers' shelves

Ranitidine is the generic name for the heartburn medication Zantac. Concerns over a potentially cancer-causing ingredient contained in the pills has prompted several manufacturers to recall generic ranitidine from the shelves of retailers like Walmart, Rite Aid and Walgreens across the country, including in Louisiana. 

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