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How does trucker fatigue affect road safety?

On the roads in Louisiana, many different drivers can be found. When you’re sharing the road with all manner of vehicles and people, it can be important to understand the risks you face. We at MGM Attorneys are here to discuss one risk in specific: the risk of truck drivers being fatigued.

Drowsy driving is gaining more attention lately as the true dangers associated with it come to light. Though it isn’t spoken of as frequently as drunk or distracted driving, it can be just as harmful to the safety of motorists. This is due to the fact that when a driver hits the road while fatigued, they have similar reaction times and capabilities as a driver who is under the influence or distracted.

This is especially dangerous when it comes to truck drivers. Due to the huge, heavy equipment they must operate, it’s important for them to be at the top of their mental and physical game. If they lose control of their vehicle, it could easily end in a multi-car crash due to the amount of space a large truck takes up on the road.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry sometimes employs standards and practices that encourage truck drivers to perform while they are exhausted or haven’t gotten enough rest. This feeds into the potential for wrecks.

Have you recently been the victim of a drowsy truck driver? If so, consider contacting us for information on how to proceed with seeking compensation. You can also take a look at our linked webpage on truck crashes here to learn more about them.

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