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Plans in place to put barricades at site of Louisiana truck crash

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development recognizes the potential of cable fences to prevent injuries and fatalities in road accidents. Unfortunately, however, there is not enough money to place them all across the state. Therefore, the department uses data on crashes and traffic volume to decide where to place the barricades. 

A plan was already in the works to install the barricades in Livingston Parish on Interstate 12, with work anticipated to begin in the near future. Unfortunately, the proposed project did not come to fruition in time to save the lives of two truck drivers involved in a collision there approximately two weeks ago. The driver of an SUV also sustained moderate injuries requiring hospitalization in the crash. 

An eastbound tractor-trailer and an SUV traveled over the median and into the path of westbound traffic when, for reasons that are still unclear, the tractor-trailer struck the SUV. A westbound tractor-trailer was apparently unable to avoid a collision with the first. Both truck drivers died at the scene when their vehicles both caught fire. 

Toxicology test results are pending, and the accident remains under investigation. The current condition of the SUV driver is unknown. The accident caused traffic to back up when authorities shut down the interstate’s westbound lanes so that they could examine the scene. By the next day, those passing the scene in their cars could reportedly still smell the lingering scent of burnt rubber and singed earth. 

It is sad to think that the planned cable barricades could have prevented the deaths that resulted from the crash by stopping the eastbound vehicles from crossing the median. However, sometimes those involved in a truck accident, and their families, need to be proactive in their seeking damages. An attorney may be helpful in this regard. 

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