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Which Louisiana roads have the most fatalities?

Like all states, Louisiana has its share of roads that see a large number of fatalities. But which ones are they, and what makes them so deadly?

Just this month, the consumer safety organization Safer America published its findings based on data from 2015 through 2017. During that period, our state had almost 2,100 fatal crashes, resulting in over 2,200 deaths. The study also looked at how many of those crashes involved a drunk driver.

By far, the road with the most fatalities was Interstate 10. It had 136 fatalities in 121 crashes. It was the only one with triple digits. Of those accidents, 39 involved at least one drunk driver.

This isn’t surprising considering that I-10 is the most traveled road in Louisiana. It’s the primary road that connects our four biggest cities — New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles. It’s also a popular highway for truckers headed to or from Mississippi and Texas as well as for drivers going across the country.

The second deadliest road was US-190. It’s the longest numbered highway in Louisiana, at just under 432 miles. Although it ranked just under I-10, it had less than half the fatalities (54). Rounding out the top five were I-20, US-90 and State Route 1.

Interestingly (and disturbingly), of the 45 fatal crashes on SR-1, a third (15) involved a drunk driver. Even worse was another state highway, SR-10. A drunk driver was involved in 10 of its 15 crashes.

It can be expected that heavily traveled roads will have the most crashes of all kinds. However, Safer America notes that it’s worth finding out why such a large percentage of the deadly crashes on these two state routes involved drivers who were under the influence.

Major roadways in just about any state can be particularly dangerous. They often have a lot of commercial truck traffic. Many drivers may have been behind the wheel for a long time on a road trip. Any of these drivers may be drowsy, distracted, intoxicated or just plain negligent or reckless.

Whatever the reason why another driver struck and injured you, you have the right to seek the compensation you need and deserve for your expenses and other damages.

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