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November 2019 Archives

Louisiana has higher than average rates of drunk drivers

There are many ways in which you can judge the risk of others driving drunk in a given state. You might compare the rates of drunk driving accidents per 100,000 registered drivers in the state to the national average or look at the state's number of successful impaired-driving criminal cases each year.

Medical malpractice cases are often challenging

When you file a medical malpractice claim, one thing to consider is how you are going to prove that the malpractice occurred. Many of these cases are based on a failure to meet the standard of care but even proving this can be complex. Before you embark on this process, you should try to understand some basic points about these cases.

DA announces no charges in high-speed crash that killed infant

An officer with the Baton Rouge Police Department won't be prosecuted for a crash two years ago that killed a baby. The district attorney (DA) for East Baton Rouge also announced that the baby's mother won't be charged for having her 1-year-old daughter in an unsecured car seat between the two front seats of the SUV they were in.

Truckers shouldn't ever drive when fatigued

Truckers who are fatigued pose a risk to anyone who is on the road with them. Unfortunately, some think that this feeling is just part of the job and don't realize the hazards that come along with it. This might cause some of them to continue to drive even though they can't do so safely.

One of the biggest drunk driving holidays is around the corner

If you've already been the victim of a drunk driver, you're likely more aware than ever of the fact that numerous people get behind the wheel while they're under the influence. You may try to avoid being on the road late at night, on weekend evenings or at other times when people are more likely to be drinking. But, you may not realize that Thanksgiving is one of those times.

Medication errors are serious matters

Patients who get prescription drugs need to ensure that they are taking them correctly or they risk facing harm. But what happens if they don't get the correct drugs or receive an incorrect dosage? In this case, they might think that they are taking the medications correctly when they really aren't. This can lead to harm.

Uninsured drivers who cause crashes can leave you with the bill

Although liability is a complex concept, most Americans have a pretty good understanding of its basics. For example, the average adult knows that if someone causes a motor vehicle crash, do they assume liability for the costs associated with that collision. Typically, drivers carry insurance policies that protect them from the financial repercussions of a crash that is their fault.

Many medical errors occur outside of hospitals

These days, most Americans' health care is handled in "ambulatory care facilities" such as outpatient clinics and doctors' offices rather than in hospitals. We go to these facilities for regular check-ups, when we're sick or injured and even for minor surgical procedures. That means that many medical errors as well as other "safety events" occur in these facilities.

Patients always deserve proper medical care

Medical malpractice cases can hinge on a variety of factors, like a patient receiving substandard care. In the medical community, the standard of care establishes the bare minimum that a patient should expect. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to figure out exactly what that standard is because it changes according to the situation. There are several factors that come into the picture in these cases.

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