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Louisiana has higher than average rates of drunk drivers

There are many ways in which you can judge the risk of others driving drunk in a given state. You might compare the rates of drunk driving accidents per 100,000 registered drivers in the state to the national average or look at the state’s number of successful impaired-driving criminal cases each year.

Finally, you can ask the drivers themselves to report about their own practices. While people generally underreport bad behavior in surveys, self-reported behavior can be a good way to examine trends. According to information released by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drivers in Louisiana admit to driving drunk more frequently than drivers in the rest of the country.

Self-reporting puts drunk driving at 25% higher in Louisiana

An analysis of self-reported decisions to get behind the wheel after drinking within the last 30 days showed that across the country, roughly 1.9% of people knowingly drove drunk within the last month. In Louisiana, the percentage of people who admitted to drunk driving in the last 30 days was 2.5%.

While the number is still relatively low, that’s more than 25% higher than the national average. People on the roads in Louisiana need to protect themselves from the increased risk they face on the roads by driving carefully and watching others nearby for signs of impairment at the wheel.

Weaving, inability to maintain a steady speed, increased reaction times and exaggerated responses to changes in traffic conditions are all warning signs of potentially impaired drivers who could cause crashes. If you spot someone driving in a dangerous manner, try to give them plenty of space or change routes to avoid sharing the road with them.

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