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Truckers shouldn’t ever drive when fatigued

Truckers who are fatigued pose a risk to anyone who is on the road with them. Unfortunately, some think that this feeling is just part of the job and don’t realize the hazards that come along with it. This might cause some of them to continue to drive even though they can’t do so safely.

Fatigue comes from several factors, but most of them are manageable if the trucker realizes that there is a problem. One of the more common reasons is that they drive for long hours. They might try to push how long they are behind the wheel of the truck, but they do have limits that are set by the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. These place a cap on how many hours they can drive, and there are different regulations for specific circumstances.

Medical conditions can also lead to trucker fatigue either from the condition itself or from the medications taken to manage it. Truckers have to go through a physical, so they might not be able to drive if they have medical issues.

Sometimes, tight scheduling is the culprit. This might make the trucker feel as though they aren’t able to stop when they are fatigued. It is imperative that trucking companies leave a cushion so that the drivers are able to rest when they are starting to show signs of fatigue.

Other reasons for fatigue are that the trucker might be driving on familiar roads or having to drive when they’d normally be sleeping. Having a stuffy cab, leaving early in the morning or driving when it is raining can also cause fatigue.

Victims of trucking crashes might find out that the trucker was fatigued. This can lead to them seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit to try to recover the damages they faced because of the incident.

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