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Uninsured drivers who cause crashes can leave you with the bill

Although liability is a complex concept, most Americans have a pretty good understanding of its basics. For example, the average adult knows that if someone causes a motor vehicle crash, do they assume liability for the costs associated with that collision. Typically, drivers carry insurance policies that protect them from the financial repercussions of a crash that is their fault.

Most people assume that because they carry insurance, they will have adequate protection in the event of a collision, especially one that is clearly the fault of the other driver. However, quite a few drivers on the Louisiana roads do not have any insurance coverage, which could leave you vulnerable to incurring expenses after a collision that was clearly caused by someone else.

Louisiana has very expensive insurance compared with the nation

People in different states pay different premiums annually for their motor vehicle coverage. The national average cost for a year of liability protection is $889.01. However, the cost in Louisiana averages $1,231.77. That is a difference of about 139%, which can mean a lot of pressure on lower-income workers in Louisiana.

For the average working adult in Louisiana, the monthly costs for motor vehicle insurance could represent a financial hardship, particularly if they make wages at or close to minimum wage. Some drivers may find themselves in a position where they have to choose between paying the monthly premium for insurance or other bills that seem to have a more pressing impact on their life, such as their electrical bill or their mortgage.

The problem with this practice is that if they get into a crash while their policy is not in effect, there won’t be any protection for the victims of that collision from the financial fallout it causes through injuries and property damage.

Your chances are better than one in 10 of the driver not having insurance

Statistics make it clear that there’s a worrisome level of risk of crashing with a driver without insurance. A study looking at the typical number of uninsured drivers in different states found that roughly 13% of all drivers in Louisiana at any given moment don’t have insurance on their vehicle.

It’s not hard to see why that is a serious concern. More than one out of 10 of the drivers that you cross paths with on the road won’t have insurance to protect you if they cause an accident with your vehicle.

In the event that you get into a crash with a driver whose insurance policy is lapsed, you will need to take action. If you have uninsured driver coverage on your vehicle, that may protect you. Otherwise, it may be necessary to initiate civil action against the driver to recoup the financial losses you incurred because of the collision.

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