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December 2019 Archives

What happens if you're hit by an uninsured driver in Louisiana?

No driver is supposed to be on the road unless they have car insurance that will cover their losses -- and the losses of anyone they hit -- in an accident. Unfortunately, Lousiana's troubled car insurance system has uncompetitive rates that many residents simply can't afford -- so they go without and take their chances, hoping that they don't need it.

Signs that a driver is under the influence

If you've been involved in a crash caused by a drunk driver, you're probably going to be looking for them everywhere as you get behind the wheel again. There are a lot of people driving under the influence this time of year. However, unfortunately, drunk and drugged drivers are a year-round problem on our roads.

Beware of drunk drivers during the holidays

With the holiday season here, people all around our area are going to be heading out to enjoy festivities. Unfortunately, some individuals are going to enjoy a few drinks and then think that they are able to drive home when the fact is that they are drunk. This can lead to serious accidents, especially when they are traveling along major thoroughfares like I-10.

Truck driver had suspended license during crash near Baton Rouge

A lot of accidents on the roads of Louisiana are no one's fault. At least, many of them are not directly attributable to someone's negligence or malicious behavior. But, in some cases, one party or more may be clearly liable for the damage and injuries caused by a collision.

Medical malpractice happens more frequently than you think

Doctors are experts who go through years of schooling and training, so most people implicitly trust their expertise. Patients put a lot of trust in the doctors who care for them, which most doctors do their best to uphold. Unfortunately, some doctors provide inadequate care which leaves them vulnerable to claims of medical malpractice.

Mount a comprehensive claim after a car crash

Motor vehicle crashes can lead to serious injuries for the occupants of the vehicles. These can range from things like broken bones to spinal cord or brain injuries. When these occur, the victims can rack up considerable medical bills and other expenses related to the crash. We know that this is a troubling time for you, so we are ready to help you pursue legal actions to recover the damages that you face related to the wreck.

Alcohol and drugs impact commercial drivers, too

Louisiana is a state closely associated with the nightlife, the arts and entertainment. As such, it's not that surprising that the state as a whole has a larger than average number of people who get caught driving drunk every year. You might think that if you just avoid tourist areas and the roads when the bars are closing, you could limit your risk of encountering one of those drunk drivers.

How to safely use cruise control

If you're taking a road trip this holiday season that involves long stretches on interstates or highways, you may opt to use your cruise control. Traditional cruise control can be used safely, but it's only recommended under certain circumstances. (We'll get to adaptive cruise control later.)

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