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Time limits apply to medical malpractice claims in Louisiana

Medical malpractice cases are often hard for the victims to handle. Not only do they have to deal with the physical part of the situation, they also have to live with the mental impacts of the doctor breaking the trust they put in them. This can all be very difficult to do, especially when the malpractice first occurs.

Louisiana law doesn’t leave much time for healing before victims have to take legal action. There is a short one-year statute of limitations for civil actions related to personal injury and professional malpractice. This means that you will need to try to balance the need to heal with the demands of seeking compensation.

There are many ways that medical malpractice might impact you. In some cases, people need to have extensive medical care to address the issues that stem from the malpractice. This can be costly, even if they don’t have to pay for care.

The time off of work and other costs associated with the incident can lead to financial difficulties. There isn’t any reason why the victim in these cases should have to deal with this type of burden. Instead, they might choose to seek compensation.

Taking legal action can do more than just provide you with compensation. It also seeks to hold the doctor accountable for their actions. This might help to keep other patients a bit safer.

Still, it is sometimes hard for victims to take this step against a doctor they trusted. Staying quiet won’t help you or anyone else, so taking legal action can benefit more people than just you.

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