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February 2020 Archives

Drunk driving crashes are preventable and costly

People who are injured by a drunk driver will often have serious injuries that take a long time to heal. The fact that the wreck was fully preventable might plague the victim. This can add an emotional aspect to the healing process that wouldn't be present if the crash was truly an accident.

Parents are part of the distracted driving epidemic

One of the greatest risks on the road today is the distracted driver. Modern cars have so many distractions: Built-in GPS systems, entertainment systems, smartphone connectivity, etc. Plus, there is the added distraction of having a phone -- which is really just a miniature computer -- in your pocket at all times.

Is a semi's black box data important in truck accident cases?

When you suffer serious or catastrophic injuries in a Louisiana truck accident, you will need as much financial compensation as possible. Without this compensation, you risk your physical well-being because you might not be able to get the medical treatment necessary for a full recovery. Unfortunately, truckers and trucking companies are typically more prepared for a truck accident claim than victims are. This means that you will likely benefit from legal guidance if winning your claim is your top priority.

Quick action is imperative after a drunk driving crash

When you're involved in a crash, you don't immediately know the status of the other driver. When you find out that they were intoxicated, you might get angry because the crash was likely fully preventable. Instead of doing something you'll regret later, you can take steps to protect your interests, so you can seek compensation.

Some crash injuries aren't apparent immediately

If you're injured in a crash caused by a drunk driver (or any at-fault driver), you may not be aware of all of your injuries immediately. This might be especially true if you were a bit under the influence yourself and riding with someone you thought was sober enough to drive.

Many forms of financial challenges occur after a serious injury

Car wreck injuries can last a long time after the crash occurs. When a person experiences a catastrophic injury, their life might never return to the same quality that it was before the accident. They may be facing intensive medical care, as well as other life consequences. We know that this is a difficult thing to face, especially for a person who was healthy and active before the wreck.

Why you need to be completely honest with your doctor

We all want people to think we're younger, thinner and healthier than we are and that we have better habits than we do. However, when you're talking to your doctor, it's essential to be completely honest. If you aren't, they won't be able to treat you correctly -- and could even cause harm that could have been avoided.

The important role of your primary care physician after an injury

Health insurance has made the process of seeking medical care much more complicated for many people, even if it does streamline the process of funding or paying for treatment. If you don't currently have a health insurance plan or if you recently changed it, you may not currently have a primary care physician.

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