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Drunk driving crashes are preventable and costly

People who are injured by a drunk driver will often have serious injuries that take a long time to heal. The fact that the wreck was fully preventable might plague the victim. This can add an emotional aspect to the healing process that wouldn’t be present if the crash was truly an accident.

The monetary costs of this type of crash are considerable. This includes the money that it costs for the medical care the person needs. In many cases, the person needs emergency room care and follow-up visits. Depending on what’s wrong, they might also end up needing physical therapy and personal care assistance.

Some people might also need to have mental health counseling when they’re going through this type of trauma. It’s imperative that they get all the help they need so that they can heal as much as possible from the crash.

We know that the impacts of this type of crash can last a long time. One way that you might be able to feel closure is to seek compensation for the damages. This enables you to shift the financial liability to the person who caused the crash. You only have a limited amount of time to do this because of the statute of limitation.

You should ensure that you’re seeking the appropriate amount for the damages you face. This includes what you know you’ve already incurred, but if the crash is serious, you might also have future costs to consider. We can help you determine what dollar amounts to put on your claims, so you aren’t left holding the financial liability.

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