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Is a semi’s black box data important in truck accident cases?

When you suffer serious or catastrophic injuries in a Louisiana truck accident, you will need as much financial compensation as possible. Without this compensation, you risk your physical well-being because you might not be able to get the medical treatment necessary for a full recovery. Unfortunately, truckers and trucking companies are typically more prepared for a truck accident claim than victims are. This means that you will likely benefit from legal guidance if winning your claim is your top priority.

Most victims of truck accidents in the Baton Rouge area do not know that the truck responsible for their injuries may contain an Electronic Control Module (ECM). This ECM, which is also known as a “black box,” contains a large amount of information about the tractor-trailer at the time of a crash. Some of the data an ECM records includes:

  • A truck’s average speed
  • How long a truck operated over a certain speed
  • A truck’s highest speed
  • Number of hard stops a truck experienced
  • Whether the truck’s air bag deployed

As you might expect, the data an ECM contains can play an important role in any legal action a victim pursues in the wake of a crash. However, it is critical to have your lawyer act quickly to acquire and preserve black box data. In many instances, the trucking company will try to retrieve the data first, which could result in its destruction.

Injury attorneys are prepared to use all lawful strategies available to help victims of truck accidents acquire the financial compensation they deserve. Even if it is impossible for some reason to retrieve black box data, do not give up. As long as you are prepared to exercise your rights, your lawyer will continue to fight on your behalf.

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