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Parents are part of the distracted driving epidemic

One of the greatest risks on the road today is the distracted driver. Modern cars have so many distractions: Built-in GPS systems, entertainment systems, smartphone connectivity, etc. Plus, there is the added distraction of having a phone — which is really just a miniature computer — in your pocket at all times.

People should never minimize the role of distraction. It causes deadly accidents. It’s something all drivers need to avoid.

However, it’s also risky to assume it just revolves around phones and technology. It doesn’t. There are far more distractions that can take someone’s focus off of the road. For example, one of the biggest distractions that parents face is simply having their children in the car with them.

Sometimes it’s a screaming infant who doesn’t want to be in the car any longer. Sometimes it’s a toddler who wants a snack and cannot reach it on their own. Sometimes it’s two older children who will not stop arguing or who want to repeatedly ask for a new song or radio station.

These are just three examples; any parent knows there are plenty more. Children demand attention and they often have very little sense of when is the right or wrong time to ask for it. They can make it so that parents who are otherwise very safe drivers feel like they cannot fully focus on the road.

Distracted driving is an epidemic because it is so common and so widespread. If you get injured by a driver who was distracted by anything, from the phone to the children, you may have a right to financial compensation.

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