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Victims shouldn’t have financial damages in wrecks

Semitrucks traverse the Baton Rouge area on a daily basis. With the Atchafalaya Basin bridge, I-10 and I-12 in the area, there are lots of challenging areas. These truckers must ensure they’re awake and alert when they drive because parts of these routes, such as the ramp near Tigertown, don’t leave much room for errors.

Unfortunately, truckers do suffer from fatigue and distractions. These make it much harder for them to handle the obstacles they face on the road. Innocent people can suffer injuries in crashes with these large vehicles. For those victims, the battle toward returning to their full abilities is often challenging.

Many injuries can lead to massive medical care needs. These may start with paramedics coming to the scene to bring the person to the emergency room. It can continue with many doctor visits for the remainder of your life if the injury is catastrophic, such as one impacting your brain or spinal cord.

We know that this is a troubling situation for most people. Many individuals don’t have the savings they’d need to cover the bills and loss of income. For these victims, seeking compensation is one option they have to try to reduce the financial impact of the incident.

The claim is filed in civil court and seeks to hold the liable party accountable for their actions. We work to show that the accident was caused by the negligence of the other party and that it contributed to the damages that you’re facing. You don’t deserve to have to deal with the financial difficulties that come from this type of situation.

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