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Drunk drivers can cause catastrophic or fatal crashes

Drunk drivers claim far too many lives each year. In fact, one out of every three fatal vehicle crashes has impairment as a named factor. Anyone who is on the road and sees signs of a drunk driver should try to remain away from that vehicle and alert the authorities, so they can determine what’s going on with the driver. Unfortunately, many people make the decision to drive drunk, and innocent people are often the victims of that choice.

A driver who has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .10% or higher is around seven times more likely than a fully sober person to have a crash that claims a life. That risk increases to 25 times more likely if the driver has a BAC of at least .15%. The risk of a fatal crash increases with lower amounts of alcohol, too. In short, each drink increases the chance of the driver causing a fatality.

You’re more likely to encounter a drunk driver on the roads at night and on the weekends. Friday and Saturday nights from midnight to 3:00 a.m. are the times that this risk is the greatest. You shouldn’t discount the chance of coming across one at other times of day either.

People who are struck by a drunk driver might face very serious injuries that require extensive medical care that lasts a long time. This can be costly, and the person might not be able to return to work immediately. They might opt to seek compensation for the financial damages they face because of the wreck.

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