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What are regulators doing to try reduce intersection crashes?

Intersections are referred to by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as “planned points of conflict in any roadway system”. Yes, you read that correctly. If it concerns you that federal officials would refer to intersections as places where conflict is planned to occur, then that’s a good thing. Everyone could stand to be a bit more cautious in and around intersections. They’re quite dangerous after all.

Data compiled by the FHWA during the past few years shows that at least 25% of all fatal crashes occur at intersections. At least 50% of all of the ones that have resulted in injuries have occurred at these crossroads as well.

Many of these accidents occur when there’s an uptick in traffic. FHWA researchers have discovered that the more congested the roadways are, the more inefficient these conflict points become. They note that the constant flow of people walking, riding their bikes or driving within and along intersections makes maintaining road safety a challenge.

FHWA notes that intersections are now a safety focal point of their operations efforts. Federal officials have dedicated more time and effort to come up with strategies aimed at making intersections safer in recent years.

The FHWA has made attempts to curb the rate of serious crashes by re-engineering intersections in accident-prone areas. Many of these efforts have resulted in the installation of traffic signals, signs and additional markings being placed on the roadway. The FHWA has also spent significant time testing out new geometric road designs. One factor that the FHWA has begun investing more resources into is how to best address human factors.

No two intersections in Baton Rouge are identical. Their traffic patterns aren’t either. Individuals don’t always respond to the same set of events. All of this makes it difficult for federal regulators to determine what solution can decrease the number of injuries or deaths. An attorney can aid you in filing suit against transportation officials, a negligent motorist or the combination of the two if you’ve been injured at a poorly designed intersection here in Louisiana.

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