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Alcohol can impair drivers in different ways

Drunk driving wrecks are fully preventable because the driver didn’t have to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, innocent people are injured and killed every day by impaired drivers. It’s imperative that anyone who is drinking alcohol understands the ways that it can affect their ability to drive safely.

While there are some general ways that alcohol will affect a person, it might not impact the everyone in the same way. Even a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) as low as .02% can lead to a decline in judgement and visual function. As the driver’s BAC increases, so do the impacts.

By the time a person has a .08% BAC, they’re likely unable to drive safely. They may not be able to control their speed or steer effectively. They may also have a slow response to obstacles while they drive and be unable to concentrate.

A BAC of .10% comes with a noticeable reduction in their reaction time and an inability to brake or maintain the vehicle’s position in the lane. By .15% BAC, the driver is likely unable to maintain control of the vehicle at all.

People who are struck by a drunk driver will likely need to obtain medical care. Once this is done, they may look into seeking compensation for the damages that stem from the crash. This includes the money for the medical bills, as well as for the wages you were unable to earn because of the injuries. You must consider the expenses you’ve already incurred but you must also include the damage that you’re likely going to have to deal with in the future.

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