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Truckers aren’t always at fault for semitruck wrecks

Most truckers operate their rigs in a safe manner because they understand the risks of aggressive behaviors when they’re behind the wheel. It’s important for anyone who suffers an injury in a big rig crash to remember that there’s a chance that it wasn’t the trucker’s fault. There are many causes of these wrecks that can come into the picture.

One of the nontrucker causes of crashes is defective equipment. This is sometimes coupled with lax maintenance. In these cases, the manufacturer or company that handles the truck maintenance can be held liable. Oftentimes, these cases are obviously attributed to these causes. Examples of this include the brakes failing or the trailer hitch system not working properly.

Other drivers are another factor that can contribute to crashes. This occurs if another driver fails to drive in a safe manner around the truck, which can lead to the trucker not being able to avoid a wreck. For example, the trucker might not be able to stop in time if they’re cut off by a vehicle. In that case, the car that cut them off might be rear-ended or another vehicle might be struck if the trucker attempts to take an evasive action.

Determining the underlying cause of the semitruck wreck is important if you plan to seek compensation. This is because it enables you to ensure that you are holding the appropriate party liable for the damages you’re dealing with. Working with someone who’s knowledgeable in this area can benefit you considerably. Remember, there are cases that involve more than one at-fault party.

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