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Wrong-way crash kills 20-year-old Louisiana man, driver charged

Probably the most frightening thing you can encounter on a Louisiana highway is a driver who is traveling in the wrong direction toward you. That nightmare scenario killed a 20-year-old Morganza man earlier this month. A 26-year-old man, also from Morganza, has been charged with negligent homicide.

The crash occurred in Pointe Coupee Parish in the early evening of May 7. According to Louisiana State Police, the wrong-way driver was going westbound in an eastbound lane of LA 1 in a pickup truck. The driver he struck was also in a pickup truck.

Neither driver was wearing a seat belt, according to troopers. However, the wrong-way driver survived the crash and was treated for injuries at a hospital before being booked in to the parish detention center.

A blood sample was collected for testing, which is standard procedure when someone has died in a vehicle crash. However, those investigating the crash say they don’t believe that he was impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Sadly, fatal wrong-way crashes are too common on our nation’s roads. That’s why it’s always crucial to keep your eyes on the road not just immediately in front of you, but as far ahead as you’re able to see. This will help you spot a wrong-way driver in time to move over and to honk to get that driver’s attention as well as to signal other drivers of the impending danger.

While drivers whose reckless actions kill others typically face criminal charges, surviving loved ones can also file a civil claim to seek compensation for medical and burial expenses and lost income as well as noneconomic damages suffered by losing a loved one. An experienced attorney can provide valuable assistance.

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