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Your body’s stress response might mask your pain after a crash

Most of the time, when you get hurt, you will notice the pain of your injuries immediately. However, in certain situations, signs of a significant injury may not be immediately obvious. Car crashes are a scenario in which your injuries may not be noticeable in the immediate aftermath of the event.

The experience of getting into a car crash is highly stressful and traumatic, so your body may initiate a process that masks your pain, meaning you won’t realize you’re hurt until those chemical compounds and hormones wear off.

The better you understand how your body could hide the pain of your injuries after a crash, the better you’ll understand why seeking a medical evaluation after a significant crash is important, even if you don’t have obvious injuries.

When your body goes through an adrenaline rush, you may not notice pain

Your brain and body work together to help you survive stressful and possibly life-threatening circumstances. During an adrenaline rush, your brain reacts to environmental stresses by pumping your body full of adrenaline.

This hormone can give you the immediate energy you need to fight a predator or flee a dangerous situation, increasing your strength and stamina. In addition to leaving you feeling energized and excited, adrenaline can also cover up symptoms of pain, which may be necessary at that moment for you to get away from a dangerous situation and survive.

There is no question that adrenaline rushes can save people’s lives in a dangerous situation, but they can also put people with injuries at risk of not getting the care they need or the worsening of their injuries because they don’t realize that they are hurt.

Warning signs that you should get a medical opinion on your condition

In general, it is probably the safest option to always see a doctor after a car crash in order to have a thorough evaluation for potential injuries. Your doctor may notice the warning signs of a hidden injury, such as a brain injury or internal bleeding, which could get worse over time if not treated.

Additionally, the timely diagnosis of your condition shortly after the car crash will make it much easier for you to show the courts or an insurance carrier that the injury is a direct result of the crash.

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