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June 2020 Archives

Patients can suffer greatly when a doctor botches their care

Doctors are expected to take care of their patients in a way that at least meets the standard of care for the situation. This is based on the information that's available, the doctor's training and a few other factors. When the doctor doesn't do this, the patient may suffer harm.

Who can you sue for injuries after a hit-and-run crash?

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are a far too common occurrence. Individuals may flee the scene of a Baton Rouge accident for various reasons. A motorist may have a suspended license, no insurance or a warrant out for their arrest. Whatever their reasons for fleeing the scene of the accident, a driver leaves you in a precarious position when they do so.

2 court case types can stem from a drunk driving crash

The shock of being struck by another vehicle can seem almost surreal. When you're in this position, it can be hard to think about everything you need to do. One of the most important things is to contact emergency services to have the police and paramedics come to the scene. Once the officer arrives, they will try to determine what caused the crash. If they have reason to believe that a drunk driver caused the wreck, they will take steps to determine if that's the case.

Regulators recall many lots of a popular diabetes drug Metformin

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a voluntary recall of a popular diabetes drug Metformin in late May. Doctors often prescribe this medication to help patients with the type 2 variety of the disease to help control their elevated blood sugar levels. Federal regulators recalled the drug after they discovered that it might contain a carcinogen.

Unsecured items and cargo on semitrucks can cause wrecks

Truckers must ensure that all cargo on their trucks is secured properly so that it doesn't cause a hazard to other drivers on the road. But, their duty to keep things secure doesn't stop only with cargo. They must ensure that everything attached to their rig, including unused straps, ladders and similar items are all secured.

Avoid covering the air bag when you drive

Drivers have long been taught to put their hands at the 10 and 2 positions on the steering wheel, but this isn't the recommended positioning any longer. If your vehicle has an air bag and you're in an accident with your hands at 10 and 2, you could face some serious injuries because of the air bag deployment.

How different blood alcohol content levels affect motorists

Law enforcement officers are routinely on the lookout for drunk motorists. They don't always get the opportunity to stop them before they cause a crash, though. Police officers find themselves performing field sobriety tests at the scene of an accident instead. Police officers generally haul motorists away for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) testing if they fail those. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) research shows that there are subtle differences in how BACs impact motorists.

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