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Patients can suffer greatly when a doctor botches their care

Doctors are expected to take care of their patients in a way that at least meets the standard of care for the situation. This is based on the information that’s available, the doctor’s training and a few other factors. When the doctor doesn’t do this, the patient may suffer harm.

We realize that you probably never expected that the medical professional you trusted to provide your care would harm you. The results of this can be catastrophic in some cases. Victims of medical malpractice may need extensive medical care, which can mean time off work and unexpected expenses.

If you’re a victim of medical malpractice, you may decide that you want to hold the doctor accountable for their actions. You can do this through a lawsuit, which may name more defendants than just the doctor. Who is named in the lawsuit depends largely on the factors involved in the case, so we can review what happened and determine who should be included on the list.

These cases often hinge on establishing what the standard of care was. To do this, we may need to call in an expert to testify. This is where these cases can become challenging. The medical community is close so it can be difficult to find someone willing to testify in these matters. Fortunately, that’s one aspect of the case that we’ll handle for you so that you aren’t stuck trying to search for one.

We understand that you might be trying to heal. We can work on the legal matters on your behalf so you can try to focus more on your health.

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