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Soft tissue injuries can have serious post-crash consequences

People are often dismissive of soft tissue injuries that result from car crashes, possibly because a soft tissue injury won’t produce symptoms as dramatic as the the ones broken bones, spinal cord injuries or head injuries can create.

While a sprain, a contusion or a case of whiplash may not be as dramatic of a diagnosis as a traumatic brain injury, soft tissue injuries absolutely have an impact on your finances and quality of life. Certain soft tissue injuries may impact your ability to work. People may require weeks or months of physical therapy, massage, pain relief, muscle relaxer and other treatments, in order to recover from a soft tissue injury.

Given that they both impact your income and lead to additional expenses, soft tissue injuries from motor vehicle collisions can prove to be financially devastating for some people and may necessitate insurance claims or lawsuits.

Soft tissue injuries can impact work functionality for many professions

A soft tissue injury can leave you struggling with pain or having decreased range of motion, flexibility and strength. Depending on the kind of job you work, a soft tissue injury could very well mean needing to take time off until you recover.

Those with physical jobs are particularly at risk of having a soft tissue injury impact their income, although they could be a problem for anyone, as certain injuries might make sitting at a desk or standing painful if done for too long.

Those with employers willing to accommodate their physical needs may still require time off. High levels of pain and the medication necessary to control pain and relax muscles could make it difficult for someone to perform their job duties.

Soft tissue injuries can require expensive and possibly risky medical care

Soft tissue injuries often require a combination of pain management, physical therapy and other treatments, such as regular injections, for a patient to manage their symptoms during recovery.

Especially when patients require muscle relaxants or narcotic painkillers, there is substantial risk associated with the treatment involved, including the risk of developing a dependency on those pain medications or experiencing an overdose.

Those who suffer soft tissue injuries in a car crash may need to file an insurance claim against the other driver or possibly explore other avenues for compensation if they have lost wages or incurred medical expenses because of their injury.

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