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Unsecured items and cargo on semitrucks can cause wrecks

Truckers must ensure that all cargo on their trucks is secured properly so that it doesn’t cause a hazard to other drivers on the road. But, their duty to keep things secure doesn’t stop only with cargo. They must ensure that everything attached to their rig, including unused straps, ladders and similar items are all secured.

Items that aren’t secured properly can come loose from the truck, which causes it to be an uncontrolled projectile. This can cause others on the roads to have to swerve if it lands in their lane. In other cases, the items might slam into other vehicles, which can lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

Truckers have industry-wide regulations that they must follow when they’re securing the loads they carry. This covers what types of securement devices they use and where those devices are placed. But, if an improperly secured load leads to an incident that results in injuries, the question of liability comes up.

In these cases, the trucker and the entity that loaded the truck might share liability. The trucking company and other parties might also be liable. This can make it difficult for victims of these cases to know where the real liability lies — and make it harder to seek compensation as each liable party tries to shift blame to the other.

If you were injured due to an unsecured load, your initial priority is getting medical care. Your attorney can look into the circumstances of the crash to determine who should be named as the defendants in the matter. Naming everyone who can share the liability is important so that you can get the compensation you need to cover the financial damages associated with the crash.

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