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What’s the cause of jacknife incidents?

Jackknifing can occur when a trucker loses control and the trailer they’re towing and becomes inverted in an L or V shape. This type of issue can occur with commercial vehicles and less experienced drivers who might be using a trailer as part of a move, relocation or towing a boat or camper.

It’s tough, if not impossible, for the operator of a tractor-trailer to regain control and correctly position the trailer once it becomes jackknifed. Such an event often results in the vehicle becoming involved in a collision of some sort. These wrecks often involve another car. The trailer and the vehicle transporting it can also become overturned and flip over.

A vehicle can jackknife for a variety of reasons. The tires may lose traction, causing the car to skid. Truckers also often fail to check their side mirrors to ensure that their trailer is in proper alignment, thus giving way to a crash. Sometimes a trucker’s hard braking or a sharp turning will result in a trailer getting out of sync. Truckers must avoid any sudden maneuvers when they have a trailer attached to their vehicle if they hope to stay jackknife free.

There tends to be a higher rate of jackknifing among trucks with empty trailers. The heavier the trailer, the more the tires are gripping the road creating a constant level of friction. Tractor-trailers and transport vehicles come equipped with brakes that are capable of responding to heavy loads. Thus, when the trailers are empty, over braking is more of a possibility.

Jackknife incidents can result in quite catastrophic injuries as they often involve motorists crashing into unmoving objects. The force of such a crash tends to be higher than when a driver strikes a moving object instead.

If you’ve suffered injuries in an accident with a truck or other vehicle that has jackknifed here in Louisiana, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation for any losses that you’ve incurred. An experienced truck accident attorney in Baton Rouge can evaluate your case and recommend the best course of action for you to pursue to hold any negligent parties accountable for their actions.

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