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July 2020 Archives

Wrong-way drivers are often intoxicated

Wrong-way accidents keep happening, year after year, and they're often on the interstate. To those who use the highway system, this can be a bit perplexing. There are many signs warning drivers not to go the wrong direction, and all of the on-ramps are set up so that it would be hard to make a mistake. And yet people do. Why is this?

Always drive safely when you're sharing the road with semitrucks

Driving near a semitruck on the road is something that many children enjoy. However, allowing this to happen for a prolonged period could put everyone in your vehicle at an increased risk of being involved in a crash. Around 5,000 fatalities, 140,000 serious injuries, and approximately 450,000 crashes every year involve these very large vehicles.

How do overseas drug manufacturers hide contamination issues?

As the cost of prescription drugs increases, individuals have sought less expensive alternatives with lower price points. However, not all medications produced by every drug manufacturer are created equal. Government regulators are increasingly identifying hidden dangers in prescription drugs manufactured overseas.

What are the most common causes of vehicle crashes?

Motor vehicle crashes happen every day. Some types of accidents occur more frequently than others. National Safety Council (NSC) data shows that over 40% of motor vehicle deaths result from a collision between two motor vehicles. Those same statistics show that over one-quarter of vehicular fatalities occur by a car colliding with a fixed object. Vehicles barreling into pedestrians is the third most common cause of traffic fatalities, followed by a non-collision like a rollover.

How long will you stay in the hospital after an accident?

If you suffer injuries in a car accident and get taken to the hospital, one of the questions you will likely have is how long you're going to need to stay in the medical center. Every day that you're there increases your eventual hospital bill and the financial impact of the accident.

What are the dangers associated with cervical neck manipulation?

Medical malpractice happens in all fields of medicine. A chiropractor is one of many different doctors who make mistakes that can leave you in a worse state than when you first went in to see them. One of the more injury-inducing adjustments that a chiropractor may perform is a cervical neck manipulation procedure. It can potentially cause damage to an artery, an injury that can easily cause a stroke.

On what holidays do the most drunk driving accidents occur?

The holidays are traditionally a great time for people to get together, but they also make for the perfect recipe for drinking and driving. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that someone dies in an alcohol-related accident every 48 minutes in the U.S.

Chiropractic negligence must be handled carefully

People who turn to a chiropractor for treatment are putting a lot of trust in these professionals. When things go awry, there is a chance that the patient will suffer harm. Some might wonder what they can do when this happens because a chiropractor isn't a medical doctor.

What's next after a car accident?

If you've recently become involved in a car accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the trauma of the event as well as the logistical aspects that you'll need to deal with in the aftermath. While gaining the compensation that you deserve is important, make sure that you prioritize your own health. If you have suffered significant injuries as a result of your accident, you should not take action to gain compensation until you have made a full recovery.

The basics of vicarious liability and car accidents

Those involved in car accidents involving commercial or private vehicles may have heard of the term "vicarious liability" but are unsure of what it means. Vicarious liability could mean that the owner of the vehicle is held liable for a car accident, even when they were not the driver. There are several situations in which this could happen.

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